Health Benefits

eionsilver93History shows us that ancient cultures and civilizations understood many of the healing properties of silver. Up until the development of antibiotics, medical practitioners and the general public relied on silver to promote wellness and prevent disease.
Silver solutions, including colloidal silver, silver hydrosol, and others, offer a wide variety of health benefits. But no other solution contains the unique healing properties found in EionSilver Solution.  EionSilver Solution makes the health benefits of silver available to the world in their most potent and effective form.
EionSilver Solution is highly antimicrobial and antiseptic.
•  It inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses.
•  It inhibits the growth of parasites and other invasive organisms.
•  It improves digestion.
•  It restores and heals damaged cells and tissues, including surface wounds.
•  It helps prevent colds and flus, as well as diseases caused by organisms.
•  It boosts the human immune system.
•  It refreshes and restores internal systems to promote vibrancy and increased energy.
Our studies have shown that taking EionSilver Solution can help prevent diseases, including life-threatening illnesses.  EionSilver Solution is also highly beneficial as a wellness supplement and can be used to promote a strong immune system and healthy energy levels.  In addition, EionSilver Solution contains none of the harmful elements found in common medications and drugs today.
•  It’s non-toxic.
•  It has no taste.
•  It has no odor.
•  It’s non-inflammatory and won’t irritate skin.
•  It contains no free radicals.
•  It’s safe on the eyes.
•  It’s harmless to your liver, kidneys, stomach, and other bodily organs.
•  It’s harmless to human cells and tissues.
•  It’s harmless to human enzymes.
•  You can’t overdose on it.
•  Your body can’t develop a tolerance to it.
•  It doesn’t react with other medications.
Please review our testimonials to see examples of the healing properties of EionSilver Solution.