Frequently asked Questions

Standard recommended daily nutritional supplementation on the label is 2 cap-fulls to receive beneficial effects. Doctors recommend using EionSilver Solution daily for health recovery or maintenance to keep current re-infections at bay. People ask, should I use it every day? And the answer is "yes" because we are re-exposed to infectious organisms every single day and re-infections can occur.
Taking EionSilver Solution on an empty stomach is considered best. If discomfort occurs, it is mostly due to the rapid self-destruction of harmful microorganisms that cannot thrive in a body with clean, highly oxygenated water, and subsequent detoxification. When a nutritional supplementation level is finally not creating any detoxification reactions, it may be gradually increased if desired. Detoxification reactions occur when the body obtains good nutrition that is effective in building the immune system against infections, and should not be seen as a negative, adverse reaction - rather what is normally known as a "healing crises". - For prevention: 1 to 2 cap full per day - Minor health issues: 1 cap full 3 times per day - For severe health issues: 1 cap full 7 times per day for 3 weeks