EionSilver Solution?

what is EionSliver Solution?
EionSilver Solution is a natural silver mineral solution permanently covalently bonded to an enriched purified medical grade of water.
Silver is one of nature’s most powerful natural healing agents. Silver is an antimicrobial substance esteemed throughout recorded history for its medicinal properties. In its various forms, silver has been applied and significantly improves the body’s ability  to combat bacterial infections, viral illnesses, chronic wounds therefore  preventing  certain diseases, eliminating  toxins, strengthening  the immune system, rejuvenating cells and tissues, increasing energy, and more.
Purpose(s) of Covalent Silver:
Over the last ninety years, it has been documented by such accredited researchers as   Larry C. Ford, MD, UCLA School of Medicine that bacteria, viruses and some fungi cannot survive when in contact with Silver in its metallic form.  In fact at Syracuse University, it was demonstrated that covalent silver ions can kill many of the deadly infectious micro-organisms which have become resistant to antibiotic drugs.
Eion’s Silver Solution bounded to pure water travels in the blood stream to all parts of the body, penetrating cell membranes without damaging normal healthy cells while eliminating foreign micro-organisms at the cellular level.  This results in creating a more powerful and healthier immune system!
Covalent Silver Solution has been used successfully in increasing  the body’s immune statuses significantly in assisting the body’s fight against:
●  Sacral Decubitus (Bed sores) and chronic wound infections
●  Colds and Flues
●  Herpes
●  Pneumonia
●  Certain Types of Cancer
●  Parasitic Infections/Disease
●  Diabetes
●  Lupus
●  Chemotherapy & Radiation treatment
●  Eczema
●  Chickengunya
●  Acute Gastroenteritis
●  Whooping Cough
●  Fibromyalgia  …and many more!
Don’t just sit there; Give your immune system what it needs to fight back!


Facts about Covalent Silver Water
• Permanently suspended by covalent fusion (UCLA and Southwest Labs).
• The Silver Atom is held in permanent suspension by the covalence of many Oxygen Atoms and the covalence of a single Silver Atom.
• The orbiting electrons of a single Silver Atom wrap around the Oxygen Atom as the Hydrogen Atoms are being separated during the reaction.
The Silver Solution can then be ingested like any other vitamin through the intestinal wall. This minute particle can travel in the blood stream, penetrate cell membranes (without damaging the cell) and eliminate disease-causing microorganisms at the cellular level. The elimination process occurs when silver; positive charged electrons make contact with a disease-causing micro-organism, negative charged electron (single). The micro-organism (parasite) explodes on contact with the Covalent Silver Solution.
 Facts About Colloidal Silver
• It is not an atomic reaction.
• It is too large to enter the blood stream through normal ingestion processes.
• It is a colloid by static bonding and will fall out of suspension at the slightest agitation.
• It often has approximately 3-5 days shelf life.
Argyria is a potentially permanent side effect from excess consumption of colloidal silver, deposition of silver salts in the skin cause a permanent blue to bronze discolouration of the skin and mucosa that is darker in regions exposed to UV light. Argyria is an extremely rare occurrence and is seldom harmful; it is generally caused by the excessive consumption of home made colloidal silver or colloidal silver protein (CSP). Covalent Silver Solution does not cause Argyria or any harmful side effects, and you are unable to overdose from its beneficial properties.
EionSilver Solution contains only two ingredients:
• Silver  • Water
That’s it!  There are no additives, preservatives, alcohols, chemicals, or colors contained in EionSilver Solution. We use the highest quality silver and purified, medical-grade water. EionSilver Solution is an entirely natural solution that contains no harmful or synthetic elements.  Don’t let the simplicity of this ingredient list fool you. You can’t simply add silver to water to gain the health benefits of EionSilver Solution.
On the contrary, EionSilver Solution is developed in a complex and highly-controlled laboratory environment, utilizing the latest methods of molecular bonding to ensure that the silver ions contained in the mixture don’t lose their bioactivity, a problem that reduces the effectiveness of many forms of colloidal silver and silver hydrosol. Our team has spent years researching and innovating to make EionSilver Solution the most effective treatment option available.One of the primary issues rampant in the pharmaceutical industry today is the inclusion of additives and synthetic chemicals into drugs and treatment options. Even seemingly-harmless additives such as sweeteners in certain oral medications can decrease the effectiveness of these medications and can, in some cases or over a long enough period of time, cause unnecessary health problems. EionSilver Solution is a safe, natural solution that provides incredible health benefits without introducing harmful substances into the human body.EionSilver solution is the strongest and most effective covalently-bonded mineral concentrate on the market (6ppm) and safe for the whole family!
The History of Silver
Evidence of silver’s value as a healing agent has persisted for thousands of years. Some of the earliest reports of the medical significance of silver come to us across the ages from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, where it was found that liquids stored in silver containers would remain fresh longer than when stored in containers made from other materials. Cutlery made from silver—called silverware—became popular after early physicians recognized that eating with silver implements helped reduce the incidence of disease.
In the Middle Ages, this practice evolved still further as parents began giving their infants silver spoons to suck on to ward off the bubonic plague. This is where the figure of speech “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” originated.
Through the Renaissance and into the Age of Enlightenment, silver began to see additional usage in both medical applications and everyday purposes. American pioneers placed silver coins in water barrels to purify water and dropped silver dollars into milk jugs to keep milk fresh. Doctors throughout the Western world began applying silver to prevent disease in infants and to treat burns, wounds, and other ailments in adults. Even today, silver is a critical element in the production of surgical products and filtration systems.
The development of antibiotics in the 1930s led to an immediate decrease in the use of silver as a treatment for disease. At the time, medical professionals and researchers understandably believed that the development of more and more powerful antibiotics would lead to the elimination of infectious disease altogether. Doctors began to prescribe antibiotics whenever possible, and for a while, antibiotics seemed to be the solution the medical community had hoped for.
But today, the overuse of antibiotics has led to the evolution of “superbugs” that are resistant to many of the antibiotics available. Over the past twenty years, these bacteria have become more and more prevalent and have caused tens of thousands of deaths in the United States. Research shows that illness caused by superbugs is on the rise, and some experts speculate that these bacteria are becoming the new norm.
The age of antibiotics appears to be close to an end. Today, medical professionals and consumers alike are looking elsewhere for solutions. Silver applications, including colloid silver, silver hydrosols, and ionic silver concentrates, long ignored by the medical community and the public, are returning to prominence. In addition, recent advances in technology, specifically with regard to ionization, have made it possible to create more powerful solutions in which silver ions are permanently suspended in water, retaining the maximum levels of bioactivity and bioavailability.
EionSilver Solution is the most advanced ionic silver concentrate available today. We encourage you to learn more about its health benefits and to review our research and testimonials. The best thing you can do, however, is order EionSilver Solution and try it for yourself!